our aim

access ramp

we want to give people good advocacy and help them to have a

bigger voice and a better life

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our services

Speak Up

Advocacy is when one person helps another person
talk about their needs and wishes

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All our one to one advocacy services are free, confidential and independent.

Speaking Up Together

Self Advocacy is speaking up for yourself and being more independent

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We have a number of Speaking Up groups which are lead by the members. They help people to make their self advocacy skills better and encourage people to speak up about things that are important to them.

reading information
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easy read

Easy Read is about having information in a way that is
easy to understand

information pack

We have an easy read service for people who want to make their information easier to read and understand for everyone.

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I like having places to go and have fun and socialise. I had no friends before I went to groups. I've tried numerous new activities such as jewellery making and was inspired to take it up at home and sell my products.
Group member Speaking up group in Kent
It has been great (and really interesting) working with you and the group
Kate White Superhighways
I am so happy in my new home and would not have been able to move without all your help. Thankyou
Geoffrey Sutton Advocacy client
They have done a marvellous job with helping me sort out my benefits for me.
Laura Community Advocacy client
Without our groups we would be at home watching TV, doing nothing, getting depressed. People wouldn't have the confidence to mix with others and could end up housebound.
David Speaking Up Together member

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